New York City in the summer becomes a different place: the pavement's sticky, afternoons are everlasting, and boys grow bored. With nothing else on the line during these months, Ryan and Patrick Penthouse lay down their deepest desires and fantasies, as being part of New York City's elite, over their own brand of sparkling synth pop. Ryan possesses a deft ear for arrangement, with a trove of vintage equipment at his disposal; Patrick offers a clear conceptualization of what the project's narrative is, coming together for not just a complete sound, but image as well. 

Elevation to a place as prestigious as the penthouse is now possible with their debut EP, New In Town. Tired of hangers-on blowing up your phone when you want nothing more but to be in the jacuzzi? That's the funky "Telephone". Captivated by a new love you encountered waiting for your train back to Madison Ave.? That's the vulnerable and emotive "Share This View". And ready to take advantage of a new set of surroundings? That's the overnight sensation, "New In Town". 

Who else but the Penthouse Boys know what actually goes on in their elusive and selective high rise? If New In Town gives anything away, it's a place where unfiltered emotion and desire intersects with perfect pop: the after party we wish we were invited to.